Soundproof Traffic Noise at Home

Acoustic Curtains provide an optimal STC (Sound Transmission Class) level creating soundproofing technology that will help block the pesky noise that can seep through a window seal or under the door gap. In addition to blocking sounds from outside your desired room, Acoustic Curtains can help absorb noise from inside the room. Is your teenager practicing his or her new favorite instrument or do you need to keep the noise down coming from your new game room? Acoustic curtains are your solution.

Soundproof curtains are an effective way to reduce unwanted noise levels in your home. By absorbing sound waves and blocking out outdoor noise, they create a peaceful environment that helps you relax and focus. In addition, soundproof curtains can also help to reduce Echo inside your home, making it more comfortable for everyone. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that soundproof curtains are becoming more popular in today’s homes.

The unique inner linings of our soundproof curtains are key in reducing sound due to the combination of fabrics, lining, and construction. Quality is everything when it comes to our sound-blocking curtains; they are handmade. We can custom create curtains for you, including fabrics that you provide to us.