Our custom made, laboratory tested and field proven STC sound blocking Acoustic Curtains and Drapes block outside noise, and light. Our Acoustic Curtains absorb sound within in room. We can also make combination sound blocking and sound absorbing curtains! Acoustic Curtains are designed for both residential and commercial use. All Acoustic Curtains are beautiful window treatments that look elegant and will be an asset to any room. Contact us 561-964-9360

STC Acoustic Curtains:

STC 20 Quiet Curtains reduce noise by up to 20 decibels! STC 20 Acoustic Curtains use a powerful sound blocking lining to provide maximum sound protection. These curtains can be used to cover windows, doorways and as room dividers. Custom made curtains for most residential windows (up to 50″w x 84″h); with your choice of one of our beautiful fabrics. STC 20 Acoustic Curtains can be made in any width and up to 9’ high. We can also make STC 20 Acoustic Curtains using fabric you provide.

STC 13 and STC 17 Acoustic Curtains reduce noise by up to 17 decibels! Acoustic Curtains are especially designed for where fire certification, light weight and multiple curtain constructions are required such as schools, hotels, and other public venues. Acoustic Curtains can be made in any width and up to 18’ high. We can use your fabrics or you can choose from our wide selection of beautiful fabrics. We can also retrofit existing curtain systems. We now offer STC 17 roller shades!

Acoustic Curtains reduce reverberation and echo, as well as reduce interference from outside noise. Acoustic Quiet Curtains have tested NRC values (up to 1.00 NRC) to provide precise acoustical control and flexibility. Acoustic Curtains work due to our unique combinations of fabrics, lining and construction.
About Us all Acoustic Curtains are custom made to our clients’ specifications for size, type of construction and fabrics. We will help you choose the right curtain to achieve both the noise control and the best look for your environment and budget. We will also help you with get the right tracks and mounting hardware for your Acoustic Curtains.
Both our STC and Acoustic Curtains can be made in a wide range of constructions including pleated, Ripplefold, flat panel, Roman shades and our new STC 17 roller shades.

About Us we are sure that with our variety of acoustical materials, in multiple color, shape and size options tailored to fit your needs.

Our consultants are trained to answer any question, construct a solution to your noise pollution problem, and help you figure out the appropriate products, quantities and installation guide lines.