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Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made for our clients’ commercial, scientific and residential use. Our Acoustic Curtain laboratory tested and field proven Acoustic Curtains.

Custom Elegant Acoustic Curtains - ANC - The Noise Control Specialist

Acoustic Curtain

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Office SoundProofing

When building an office, you have two different acoustic problems

Apartment Soundproofing

Noise can travel from unit to unit or from floor

Dance Studio Soundproofing

Keep loud sounds inside the room, so you don’t bother

All Acoustic Curtains are hand made in the best drapery workroom in Florida, USA

We are sure that with our variety of acoustical curtain materials, in multiple color, shape and size options tailored to fit your needs. Our consultants are trained to answer any question, construct a solution to your noise pollution problem, and help you figure out the appropriate products, quantities and installation guide lines.