Acoustic Curtains reduce reverberation and echo, as well as reduce interference from outside noise. Acoustic Curtains have tested NRC values (up to 1.00 NRC) to provide precise acoustical control and flexibility. Acoustic Curtains work due to our unique combinations of fabrics, lining, and construction.

Quiet Curtains are a special type of window treatment that is designed to reduce noise levels in a room. They are made from a heavy, dense fabric that helps to absorb sound waves, and they are often lined with a second layer of material for additional noise reduction. Quiet Curtains can be hung over windows, on walls, or even on doors to create a Quiet Room – an area where noise levels are significantly reduced. This can be beneficial in many settings, such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, and homes. Quiet Curtains provide a simple and effective way to reduce noise levels, creating a more peaceful and productive environment.

All Acoustic Curtains are custom-made to our client’s specifications for size, type of construction, and fabrics. We will help you choose the right curtain to achieve both noise control and the best look for your environment and budget. We will also help you get the right tracks and mounting hardware for your Quiet Curtains.

Dance Studios Soundproofing Products:

Keep loud sounds inside the room, so you don’t bother other people in the house.
Prevent outside noise from coming in, keeping you where you should be: in the movie.
Improve sound quality within the home theater itself, so the sound quality matches the picture quality.

Both our STC and Acoustic Acoustic Curtains can be made in a wide range of constructions including pleated, Ripplefold, flat panel, Roman shades, and our new STC 17 roller shades.