Restaurant Acoustics: Most restaurants have granite, marble, wood floors and exposed brick for a more industrial look. These designs are pleasing to the eye, unintended consequences can be heard echoing through many dining establishments, as owners find ways to diminish extra noise created by hard surfaces causing sound to bounce instead of being absorbed. With this Guests struggle to hear conversations over the table or run into communication mishaps with the wait staff.

The problem with hard surfaces like brick and granite, is that without covering up these hard surfaces you can not absorb any of the echo and that could negate a lot of the design elements, so Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes can help in most of those situations and are custom made for our clients’  use.  Our Acoustic Curtains laboratory tested and field proven Acoustic Curtains and Acoustic Drapes protect you from outside noise, climate and light, providing maximum privacy.

Our STC 20 Quiet Curtains reduce noise by 20 decibels! Our Acoustical Curtains will reduce reverberation and echo in a large room, as well as reduce interference from outside noise. STC 20 Acoustic Curtains use a powerful sound blocking lining to provide maximum sound protection. Acoustic Curtains can be used to cover windows, doorways and as room dividers.

Acoustic custom made curtains for most residential windows (up to 50″w x 84″h); with your choice of one of fabrics. STC 20 Acoustic Curtains can be made in any width and up to 9’ high. We can also make STC 20 Acoustic Curtains using fabric you provide.

STC 15 and STC 17 Acoustic Curtains reduce noise by up to 17 decibels! STC 15 and 17 Acoustic Curtains are especially designed for where fire certification, light weight and multiple curtain constructions are required such as schools, hotels, and other public venues. STC 15 and 17 Quiet Curtains can be made in any width and up to 18’ high. We can use your fabrics or you can choose from our wide selection of beautiful fabrics. We can also retrofit existing curtain systems. We now offer STC 17 roller shades!