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 Acoustical Curtain for Showroom

Acoustical Curtain for Showroom

Acoustical Curtain STC 17

An owner of an office building in San Francisco, CA wanted to isolate his loft area from his showroom area below for meetings with clients and prospective buyers, he turned to Acoustical Curtain, a division of All Noise Control.

He approached our team with what he wanted to do and what he wanted to accomplish. Our team was effectively ready to analyze and respond to his need. The owner of the building wanted something that was moveable, decorative, and something that provided soundproofing between his loft and showroom.

Our team recommended an Acoustical Curtain for the Showroom with an STC of 17. We explained that STC stood for “Sound Transmission Control” and that the higher the STC, the better the product would be at absorbing and/or blocking sound. We configured that an STC of 17 would be appropriate for the loft setting that would be good at keeping out a good amount of “chatter”, phones ringing, and other productive sound.

An acoustical curtain is a specialized type of sound-damping curtain that is commonly used in showrooms, banquet halls, and other large venues where noise control is important. Acoustical curtains are made from a variety of materials, including heavy fabric, quilted fiberglass, and perforated metal. Acoustical curtains are typically hung from the ceiling using special tracking systems, and they can be quickly deployed to provide effective sound absorption. In addition, acoustical curtains can also help to reduce echo and reverberation within a space. As a result, they are an ideal choice for any application where noise control is a priority.

Upon the installation, the owner was extremely satisfied with the ability to open and close the Acoustical Curtain and when closed was very satisfied with the sound absorption and blocking of the curtain.